The Wife Thai Drama Review

The Wife or Mia Luang 2022 is a Thai drama that has been adapted for the umpteenth time. Then is it still worth watching? or not. Check out my The Wife review below for the answer.

Details Drama

Title: The Wife (เมียหลวง)
Also Know: Mia Luang 2022
Episodes: 20
Release Date: December 14, 2022
Genres: Thriller, Mystery, Romance, Drama
Country: Thailand
Original Network: WeTV
Available On: WeTV

The Wife Review

Synopsis and Plot Summary

Mia Luang is a story about a very rich, famous, educated, and respected couple. Everyone assumes that they are happy after getting married and living a very good life when in reality, they have a lot of problems.

The problem started with Aniroot, the husband who is a player and has many extramarital affairs. His wife, Wiganda, was an intelligent woman who bore his and his many women’s misdeeds.

Amongst his women, there was only Ornin who seemed to blatantly enter between the couple without any shame or respect. Mia Luang literally means Main Wife, while his mistress is called Mia Noi, literally Little Wife or Little Wife, in Thai.


The Wife Thai Drama Review

The Wife or Mia Luang 2022 is a Thai drama that has been adapted several times from a story that is far from popular and has been adapted recently.

The storyline is annoying and I don’t like it. It’s about a woman who wonders how to deal with her husband’s many infidelities when her husband keeps claiming that she’s the only one he truly loves and it’s normal for a man to sleep around, especially when his final conquest starts to take more and more much more. More place in their married life.

The original story was quite boring, being more of a domestic type story, dealing with the consequences a man’s adultery has on the people around here, and also trying to see who, between his wife and mistress, would win.

The writer tried to make this story more interesting with this psychological war between husband and wife, but also by adding other secondary plots which should show the deep and complex psychology of the supporting characters. However, it lacks and fails as it only manages to make the character absurd and very unlikeable.

Probably the best thing in this drama is the acting and most of the performances are good. But because the show is trying to sensationalize something, for most of the cast, the result is underwhelming, something grossly over-the-top and unnatural.

Also, the ending is far from satisfactory: Ruth is punished, but the despicable Orn is not, or barely is. It is implied that her ex-husband, who appears as the only likable character, is her punishment as he apparently continues to stalk her to get revenge for what he did to her family.

But not only is this far from satisfying, it makes it even more frustrating: you don’t understand why the writers seem to pretend that Ruth was the only real culprit and saved Orn.

The Wife Thai Drama Cast

The Wife Thai Drama Cast

Main Role

New Wongsakorn Paramatthakorn as Aniroot

Tak Bongkot Kongmalai as Wikanda

Pim Pimprapa Tangprabhaporn as Ornin

Support Role

Art Pasut Banyam as Jenjop

Janis Janistar Phomphadungcheep as Nuan

Yada Narilya Gulmongkolpech as Nudee

Kratip Chawallakorn Wanthanapisitkul as Lak

Zani Nipaporn Thititanakarn as Pen

Typhoon Kanokchat Munyadon as Singh

Sirinart Sugandharat as Waranaree

Pangpond Akalavut Mankalasut as Yuttakan

Tom Nahathai Pichitra as Waewan


My Verdict

Overall, this Thai drama is lacking and is it worth watching? I can’t answer this, maybe for those of you who like sensational dramas it’s worth it. But I don’t recommend it for those of you under 18+ and those of you who don’t like convoluted dramas. My rating for The Wife review is 6.5/10

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