The Deadly Affair Thai Drama Review

The Deadly Affair had so much potential to be a great and beautiful Thai drama due to its unique plot but fell short. They lose focus on what they are trying to do. There’s a lot of disappointment in this lakorn but I don’t really hate it. I just wish they would write the story better. Check out my The Deadly Affair Thai drama review below!


Drama Details

Title: The Deadly Affair ( พิศวาสฆาตเกมส์ )
Episodes: 18
Release Date: July 4, 2022
Genres: Thriller, Mystery, Romance
Country: Thailand
Original Network: Channel 3
Available On: Netflix

The Deadly Affair Review

Synopsis and Plot Summary

The storyline of this Thai drama follows Jetiya, a girl who finds her fiancé dead in a hit-and-run. Jetiya’s fiancé was hit by Aphinan who was driving drunk and Aphinan felt guilty about it.

He later received a six-year prison sentence while his girlfriend Mink was pregnant. Three years later, he was released early for good behavior only to find out that Mink had miscarried and Aphinan was distraught.

On the other hand, Jetiya is angry about Aphinan’s early release and arranges for Aphinan to be detained and held on an island to be punished. Meanwhile, Aphinan, who is desperate, will go wherever Jetiya takes him.


The Deadly Affair Review

This Thai drama starring James Jirayu is such a popular fan favorite that many people might want to watch this Lakorn. Yeena Salas who is a newcomer, but has attracted many fans as a young actress, is our granddaughter.

This couple is already a visual couple worth watching. Their chemistry here doesn’t disappoint either, this is one of James Ji’s first rare experiences being paired with a younger actress, and suits him perfectly.

James JI and Gina are really on fire here with their act and matchmaking, it seems the couple really enjoy working together. I also like a lot of moments with them, and this is probably one of their best actings.

Even though it’s not enough to sustain this lakorn, no matter how good their chemistry is here, I will always expect another lakorn from them. That’s because this lakorn is not a romance, nor is it a melodrama as you might think.

This lakorn is not focused on one genre, my title is clear, this lakorn tries to be romance, revenge, action, and thriller all in one but in the end, it’s all a mix of things that don’t suit each other.

Despite being called a genre, these elements are odd and the director is at some point a mess because there must be more than just a mess.

At first, it was very addictive, but the problem is, the development of romance experienced by many people is still not fulfilled. Maybe we should have had more romantic moments but right now I feel overwhelmed by the potential that this lakorn has missed.

Despite all this, our characters have depth and I have to compliment Yeena too much because she works really well.

I love how Yeena portrays all of Jay with her heart and she is amazing for an actress to work with such a messy plot.

James Ji is also doing a good job, so far I have only seen him in Padiwaradda and Buang Hong but I feel his acting is better here.

The supporting characters/cast did a great job and their acting was amazing for this drama. I will not explain them one by one because there are too many.

Overall, this lakorn focuses on loss/grief and how one can heal from it. How one day when two people who are experiencing the same pain can find peace and happiness together?

How can someone start getting better when they haven’t healed from the things that hurt them? Ohm will learn to love again once he finally lets go of Mink. Jay has learned that he too can love again and that sometimes you can love others the same way.

The Deadly Affair Thai Drama cast

The Deadly Affair Thai Drama Cast

Main Role

James Jirayu Tangsrisuk as “Ohm” Aphinan

Gina Yeena Salas as Jetiya

Support Role

Namwhan Phulita Supinchompoo as Meena

Enjoy Thidarut Pruethong as G

M Apinan Prasertwattanakul as Suchat

Care Chattarika Sittiprom as Mink

Freud Chatphong Natthaphong as Win

Ple Paradee Wongsawat as Janya

X Thitinan Suwannasak as Phak

Pear Rachanee Siralert as Nonglak

O’Neill Thitinan Khlangphet as Weewa

Kai Nipawan Taveepornsawan as Amphorn

Wichai Jongprasitporn as Chum

Pop Thatchathon Sabanun as Gun

Peach Pachara Chirathivat as Pat


My Verdict

Overall I can’t say I’d rewatch it, I loved it while it lasted but definitely was not a fun lakorn to rewatch. James and Gina really have great chemistry, hopefully, when we get them back in the future with a better-scripted drama. My rating for this The Deadly Affair Thai drama review is 6.5/10.

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