10 Dramas Similar to Reborn Rich to Watch

What to watch after K-drama Reborn Rich? That’s roughly the question from fans after being fascinated by “Reborn Rich“. For this reason, here we will recommend the 10 best dramas that are similar to Reborn Rich for you to watch.

The K-drama that we recommend certainly has a storyline that is similar to the plot of the struggle for wealth and tense political twists and turns.

So, don’t miss these 10 dramas like “Reborn Rich” and maybe you should add this to your watch list. Below is the list, read until the end!


Dramas Similar to Reborn Rich List


1. Queenmaker

Dramas Similar to Reborn Rich

Queenmaker is the latest revenge K-drama similar to Reborn Rich on Netflix. It tells the story of Hwang Do Hee, a skilled career woman who is great at solving problems.

Once he had a tragic accident and suspected that it was planned by his employer. He then begins to seek revenge by turning Oh Kyung Sook, a civil rights lawyer into the next mayor and challenging his former employer.

Oh Kyung Sook is a labor rights lawyer nicknamed “crazy rhino”. For the past 20 years, Oh Kyung Sook has worked like a “rhino horn” for the general public and workers and proclaimed herself as Korea’s Lady of Justice.

These two women who once lived very different lives leave everything they know behind to join forces and create a just and honest world. The series was released in 2023 with 11 episodes.


2. Again My Life

Dramas Similar to Reborn Rich

Kim Hee Woo is a man who went from an inauspicious start as a lower-class high school student to going to university and finally passing the bar exam. His relentless hard work over the past few years finally paid off, and he became a public prosecutor.

During his investigation, he had to carry out an investigation into a politician suspected of corruption. But his investigation suddenly ends when a mysterious man kills him.

However, he suddenly came to his senses and discovered that he was actually still alive. Restored to the mortal realm, he realizes that he must return to university and complete his academic journey again. Meanwhile, he also tries to find out the truth about what happened to him and why he was killed.

On his journey, he meets Kim Hee Ah, a very intelligent young woman who is also the youngest daughter of the family that owns the wealthy Cheonha business group.

As Kim Hee Woo and Kim Hee Ah intensify their search for answers, they discover that a cabal of wealthy power brokers may have played a role in Kim’s “death.”

It was released in 2022 with 16 episodes. You can watch one of the best Korean dramas like Reborn Rich on Viki.


3. Itaewon Class

It tells the story of Park Saeroyi’s life which changes drastically after he is expelled from school for punching a bully and his father is killed in a mysterious accident.

When his father’s case was suddenly closed, Park Saeroyi became suspicious of the company where his father worked as the mastermind behind his murder.

Following in his father’s footsteps, Park Saeroyi opened a pub called “DanBam” in Itaewon and, together with his manager and staff, worked his way to success and reach greater heights. Park Saeroyi wants to destroy the company with his business.

This Korean tv show like Reborn Rich was released in 2020. It has 16 episodes and is available on Netflix. Itaewon Class K-drama stars Park Seo Joon, Kim Da Mi, and Kwon Na Ra.


4. The Golden Spoon

Dramas Similar to Reborn Rich

This K-drama is adapted from the webtoon The Golden Spoon by HD3 and is one of the best Korean dramas which is similar to Reborn Rich.

It tells the story of Seung Cheon, a man who obtains a magic spoon that allows him to swap lives with his rich best friend.

He thought it was an easy thing, but the decision would completely change his life and was accompanied by doubts. And with only three chances to change his mind, Seung Cheon must decide which of his futures is worth keeping.

This Kdrama was released in 2022 with 16 episodes. You can watch it on Disney Plus and Hulu.


5. The Devil Judge

Kang Yo Han is the Chief Judge of the Court who signals the need for change because he sees the public openly voicing their distrust and hatred towards their leader.

He became known as the “Demon Judge” when his courtroom became the subject of a reality show in which he mercilessly punished the guilty.

As a divisive figure with an aura of mystery who is certain of his identity and ambitions, the public is unsure whether he is a true hero or someone, deliberately sowing the seeds of discontent in his courtroom.

This Korean series like Reborn Rich was released in 2021. It has 16 and is available on Netflix and TVING.


6. My Name

Dramas Similar to Reborn Rich

The storyline of this K-drama follows the story of Yoon Ji Woo, a woman who wants revenge against her father’s killer. But not knowing who the real culprit is, he puts his trust in Choi Moo Jin, a powerful crime boss.

Yoon Ji Woo then becomes a member of an organized crime network and disguises himself as a police officer under the direction of Choi Moo Jin.

In the police force, he becomes the partner of Jeon Pil Do, an honest police detective in the Drug Investigation Unit. The two of them carried out various investigation processes and ultimately found evidence of who killed Yoon Ji Woo’s father.

My Name was released in 2021 with 8 episodes. You can watch some of the best Korean dramas like Reborn Rich on Netflix. This TV show stars Han So Hee, Park Hee Soon, and Ahn Bo Hyun.


7. Doctor Prisoner

Dramas Similar to Reborn Rich

Na Yi Je is a top doctor at a university hospital’s emergency care center. He is professional and skilled and treats his patients with complete devotion and without discrimination.

However, his medical license was suspended due to a medical malpractice incident that occurred when the hospital board director caused a ruckus.

He then earned his certificate as an internal medicine doctor and applied to work at the prison. There he meets business tycoons, celebrities caught using drugs, sports stars guilty of gambling—and to gain allies.

He also removed the existing head prison doctor and claimed the place for himself. He did it all for revenge against the hospital that overthrew him.

This Kdrama which is similar to Reborn Rich was released in 2019. It has 32 episodes and is available on Netflix.


8. Vincenzo

It tells the story of Park Joo Hyeong who went to Italy at the age of eight after being adopted. Now an adult, he is known as Vincenzo Cassano and is employed by a Mafia family as a consigliere.

However, because of the warring mafia factions, he flew to South Korea to protect himself and take some of the mafia’s assets there.

In the process, he becomes involved with female lawyer Hong Cha Young, a lawyer who will do anything to win a case.

Soon he works with Hong Cha Young to bring his own healing experience to the unrivaled conglomerate with his own version of justice.

This is one of the best Korean dramas similar to Reborn Rich on Netflix. It was released in 2021 with 20 episodes.


9. The Glory

In the past, Moon Dong Eun was a middle school student who dreamed of becoming an architect. However, he had to drop out of school after experiencing brutal violence and bullying at school.

Years later, the perpetrator married and had a child. As soon as the child was in elementary school, Moon Dong Eun became his homeroom teacher and began to take full revenge against the perpetrators and those who witnessed his bullying days.

This Korean series like Reborn Rich was released in 2022 with 8 episodes. It is available on Netflix.


10. Big Mouth

Dramas Similar to Reborn Rich

Park Chang Ho is a man known since his school days as “Big Mouth” because he talks big and promises big things but can’t deliver on them.

He is also a well-known lawyer with a very low success rate who was hired by the Mayor due to his incompetence. Unfortunately, he is framed as the notorious and mysterious con artist “Big Rat” and sent to prison.

Meanwhile, Go Mi Ho, Park Chang Ho’s beloved wife, works as a nurse. She has a strong personality and will do anything to prove her husband’s innocence.

Will Go Mi Ho succeed in proving her husband’s innocence? Or, will his investigation lead to the discovery of a can of worms?

It was released in 2022 with 16 episodes. You can watch one of the Korean tv shows similar to Reborn Rich on Disney Plus and Wavve.


That’s a list of the best Korean dramas that are similar to Reborn Rich for you to watch right now. Thank you for reading this article, have a nice day!

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