Top 10 Chinese Dramas Similar to A Journey of Love

If you were captivated by the intricate plot, stunning cinematography and compelling characters of “A Journey of Love,” your search for more compelling similar Chinese dramas has taken you to the right place.

In this exploration, we will study a list of captivating C-dramas that have the same appeal as your favorite series “A Journey of Love”. So, get ready as we explore a world of espionage, martial arts, political intrigue, and timeless romance.


List of Chinese Dramas Similar to A Journey of Love


1. My Journey to You

 Chinese Dramas Similar to A Journey of Love

Are you a fan of the spy and target trope? “My Journey to You” might be your next obsession. With its intriguing plot filled with scheming, dark undertones, and beautiful cinematography, this Chinese drama has successfully captivated audiences without the need for extensive promotion.

The martial arts sequences are executed with finesse, adding an extra layer of excitement to the viewing experience. Consider it a must-watch for 2023, and let the twists and turns keep you on the edge of your seat.

This Chinese drama has 24 episodes and is available on iQiyi. Stars Yu Shu Xin, Zhang Ling He, Ryan Cheng, and Lu Yu Xiao.


2. Word of Honor

For fans who appreciate the complexities of a mature relationship intertwined with martial arts, “Word of Honor” delivers a riveting experience.

Drawing parallels with “A Journey of Love,” both Chinese dramas feature protagonists who were former heads of assassin organizations, navigating the treacherous waters of loyalty and betrayal.

The superior martial arts skills and innate understanding between the lead couples make this a captivating watch. Released in 2021 and has 36 episodes. You can watch it on Netflix. Stars Zhang Zhe Han, Gong Jun, Zhou Ye, and Ahser Ma.


3. Joy of Life

In the realm of high-quality dramas, “Joy of Life” stands tall with its mix of seriousness and comedy. While “A Journey of Love” boasts a charming romance, “Joy of Life” focuses more on strategy and mind games.

Both shows, however, excel in character development, showcasing growth in the main leads. The absence of typical annoying characters adds to the appeal, making them must-watch dramas that keep viewers hooked from start to end.

Released in 2019 and has 46 episodes. You can watch it on Viki. Stars Zhang Ruo Yun, Li Qin, and Chen Dao Ming.


4. Who Rules the World

 Chinese Dramas Similar to A Journey of Love

Step into the world of martial arts and political intrigue with “Who Rules the World,” a Chinese drama that mirrors the prowess and chemistry found in “A Journey of Love.”

The male and female leads, Hei Feng Xi and Bai Feng Xi are unrivaled in skill and intellect. As they navigate political unrest and betrayal, love blossoms amidst the chaos. Will their love bring peace to a turbulent time, and who will ultimately rule the world? Dive into this gripping tale to find out.

Released in 2022 and has 40 episodes. You can watch it on Netflix. Stars Yang Yang and Zhao Lusi.


5. Wonderland of Love

 Chinese Dramas Similar to A Journey of Love

If you appreciate characters at the peak of their skills and intelligence, “Wonderland of Love” promises a delightful experience. Following the story of the emperor’s grandson and a skilled warrior, this drama combines scheming and wit on the battlefield with a blossoming love story.

The competitive and calculated interactions between the characters make for an engaging watch, offering a perfect blend of action and romance.

Released in 2023 and has 40 episodes. You can watch it on Viki. Stars Xu Kai and Jing Tian.


6. Sword Snow Stride

 Chinese Dramas Similar to A Journey of Love

Sword Snow Stride” invites viewers into a world of political struggles and captivating stories, echoing the narrative style of “A Journey of Love.” While the romance may take a back seat, the well-paced plot and stellar acting make this drama a worthwhile watch.

Follow the journey of Xu Xiao and his free-spirited heir, Xu Feng Nian, as they navigate upheaval, equestrian skills, and martial prowess. The outcome could shape the future of the entire realm.

Released in 2021 and has 38 episodes. You can watch it on Viki. Stars Zhang Ruo Yun, Hu Jun, and Teresa Li.


7. The Blood of Youth

For those craving a mix of storyline, friendship, and a journey filled with comedy and romance, “The Blood of Youth” is a recommendation that echoes the charm of “A Journey of Love.”

The camaraderie and brotherhood among young characters, combined with enthralling fighting scenes, set the stage for an entertaining and visually stunning drama. Get ready for a journey that blends political struggles with heartwarming moments.

Released in 2022 and has 40 episodes. You can watch it on Viki. Stars Li Hong Yi, Liu Xue Yi, and Ao Rui Peng.


8. Listening Snow Tower

 Chinese Dramas Similar to A Journey of Love

Delve into the world of fighters and strategists with “Listening Snow Tower,” a drama that shares commonalities with “A Journey of Love.” Both dramas feature main leads proficient in martial arts and intelligence, emphasizing that fighting is not everything—strategies and schemes matter.

The depictions of friendship, brotherhood, and captivating fighting scenes make these dramas stand out in the historical genre. Released in 2019 and has 56 episodes. You can watch it on Viki. Stars Qin Jun Jie, Yuan Bing Yan, and Han Cheng Yu.


9. The Long Ballad

Featuring Liu Yuning and Alen Feng, “The Long Ballad” and “A Journey of Love” share a common thread of cinematography, snow backdrops, and intriguing plots.

The martial arts, background music, and overall atmosphere evoke a sense of familiarity for fans of one drama transitioning to the other. If you enjoyed one, the other is likely to captivate you with its similar elements.

Released in 2021 and has 49 episodes. You can watch it on Netflix. Stars Dilraba Dilmurat, Leo Wu, Liu Yu Ning, and Zhao Lusi.


10. Story of Kunning Palace

 Chinese Dramas Similar to A Journey of Love

Enter the realm of costume dramas with “Story of Kunning Palace,” a 2023 gem that rivals the brilliance of “A Journey to Love.” Dark and intriguing plots, black-bellied characters, mystery, and scheming take center stage in both dramas.

The spy and target trope adds a layer of anticipation, making each episode a hormonal rollercoaster. With a shared male lead and exceptional plot execution, this drama promises to be a highlight of 2023.

This C-drama has 49 episodes and is available on iQiyi. Stars Bai Lu, Zhang Ling He, Wang Xi Yue, Zhou Jun Wei and Liu Xie Ning.


That’s a list of Chinese dramas similar to “A Journey of Love” which have mysterious characters and fascinating spies. With captivating narratives, interesting characters, and stunning visuals, the C-dramas that we have mentioned will not disappoint you. Thank you for reading this article, enjoy watching!

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