A Tale of Love and Loyalty Chinese Drama Review and Ending Explained

“A Tale of Love and Loyalty” is a Chinese short-length drama that tells the story of the power of love and the sacrifices one must make for the greater good. See the review below!


Drama Details

Title: A Tale of Love and Loyalty (授她以柄)
Episodes: 20
Release Date: February 5, 2024
Genres: Historical, Romance, Drama
Country: China
Original Network: Tencent Video
Available On: Tencent Video

A Tale of Love and Loyalty Chinese Drama Review and Ending Explained

Synopsis and Plot Summary

With the Emperor feeling unwell and the Crown Prince being too young to handle the situation, trouble brews as the rebel army advances toward the city gates.

Seeing her beloved country and family in jeopardy, she decides to reach out to the Prince of Nanchuan for assistance. In her heartfelt letter, she promises anything in return for his army’s intervention. Eventually, he responds to her plea, arriving just in time to rescue her husband, child, and herself from the impending danger.

Despite her initial reserve towards him, the Prince shows hesitance in causing her any harm. It becomes clear that his intentions extend beyond mere political gain—he seeks her affection. Though his aid is invaluable, it comes with a condition: he desires not the throne, but her love.


A Tale of Love and Loyalty Chinese Drama Ending Explained

A Tale of Love and Loyalty Chinese drama has a dramatic ending. In the climactic finale, it’s revealed that the ailing Emperor is none other than Yuwen Yingren in disguise, a mastermind villain pulling the strings behind the scenes.

His elaborate scheme involves eliminating all powerful institutions, with the encirclement of the rebels being just a part of his grand plan, specifically targeting King Nanchuan who holds significant military power.

Four years prior, Yu Wenyuan was the king of Xiaonanchuan and Su Yan served as a concubine in the prime minister’s palace. Their parents arranged a marriage contract through a matchmaker, but both of them were far from obedient.

They fled from the impending wedding, unaware that fate had destined them to be together. Despite starting as adversaries, they eventually found happiness in each other’s company.

Yuwen Yingren harbors feelings for Su Yan and manipulates circumstances to ascend the throne by marrying the legitimate daughter of the prime minister’s family. However, his selfish desires lead him to betray Su Yan, sacrificing her for his own gain under the guise of love.

In a heartbreaking turn of events, Su Yan forsakes her lover, endures public disgrace, and enters the eastern palace to care for her sister-in-law and nephew while facing both open and covert attacks.

She becomes a pawn in her brother-in-law’s treacherous game, ultimately realizing the extent of his deception as he becomes the one responsible for her tragic demise.

Once a carefree young man filled with joy, Yu Wenyuan’s aspirations for a peaceful life with Su Yan are shattered as they become embroiled in political turmoil at the border. Despite their love, circumstances tear them apart, leading to a sorrowful conclusion.

“I’ve never feared life or death, but I fear leaving you unprotected once I’m gone.”

“In the next life, I’ll make you marry me even if you resist.”

The male protagonist’s fate ends tragically, but as the narrator suggests, the outcome depends on how one interprets the circle of life.

A Tale of Love and Loyalty Chinese Drama Review and Ending Explained

A Tale of Love and Loyalty Chinese Drama Review

“A Tale of Love and Loyalty” is a charming Chinese short drama that nicely weaves together the themes of romance, sacrifice, and duty.

Set against the backdrop of a kingdom in turmoil, the story follows Su Yan, who navigates a national crisis and personal struggles after being reluctantly sent to the palace by her father to assume the role of queen.

The show has garnered a huge following thanks to its gripping narrative and well-developed characters.

In the storyline “A Tale of Love and Loyalty”, Su Yan finds herself thrust into the royal family against her will, torn between her duties as a prince’s wife and her undying love for another man.

Amidst a backdrop of political intrigue and romantic entanglements, Su Yan must learn to navigate hardships while still holding on to her love.

As the plot unfolds, Su Yan’s resilience shines through as she faces challenges head-on, always managing to find a solution.

Through her journey, she develops into a strong female leader, who ultimately achieves happiness for herself and the people she loves.

In essence, this drama is a story full of passion, love, and wisdom. It reminds us of the importance of perseverance and the search for true love even in the darkest times.

With its touching narrative, this series is sure to be liked by many viewers, earning its rightful place as a beloved favorite.

But is it that good? Maybe not, if you don’t like fast-paced dramas with short duration, this is not a fun thing to see moving all the time.

The acting and chemistry in this drama are very good and have excellent chemistry. All the actors here have quite good acting talent. Our main actors Richard Li and Ming Jia Jia are very good.

For what may be a low budget, the production values in this drama are top-notch, with stunning cinematography and intricate set designs that transport viewers to ancient China. The costumes and hairstyles are carefully crafted, adding authenticity to the historical setting.

A Tale of Love and Loyalty Chinese Drama Cast

Main Role

Richard Li as Yu Wen Yuan

Ming Jia Jia as Su Yan

Support Role

Patrick Quan as Yu Wen Ying Ren

Mu Le En as Su Wan

Wang Lue Tao as Zhu Li


My Verdict

Overall, A Tale of Love and Loyalty is a short Chinese drama that you can enjoy if you need a short series. Whether you’re a fan of historical dramas or just enjoy a compelling story of romance and intrigue, this series is sure to captivate you from start to finish. My rating for the A Tale of Love and Loyalty Chinese drama review is 8,3/10.

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