Roses & Guns Chinese Drama Review and Ending Explained

“Roses & Guns” is a Chinese short length drama that I have to admit can make me have mixed feelings about this story. However, it is not without drawbacks, see the full review below!


Drama Details

Title: Roses & Guns (春日浓情)
Episodes: 18
Release Date: February 12, 2024
Genres: Historical, Romance, Drama
Country: China
Original Network: Tencent Video
Available On: Tencent Video

Roses & Guns Chinese Drama Review and Ending Explained

Synopsis and Plot Summary

In a tale of courage and determination, the lovely and charming Wen Yu Nong embarks on a journey of justice to honor her family. Gifted with an extraordinary ability to transform herself, she assumes the role of a spy.

With her heart set on avenging her loved ones, she embraces her disguise, ready to confront the man she once held dear. Along the way, she must navigate a web of deception, relying on her wit and cunning to accomplish her mission and find closure for her past.


Roses & Guns Chinese Drama Ending Explained

Roses & Guns Chinese drama has a happy ending. In episode 17, Master Wu ties up Song Yu’er, while his men bring news of Wen Yunong and Qin Kewen’s alleged collaboration as well as General Qin’s death at Qin Kewen’s hands. Mr. Wu, unfazed, expressed that he had suspected this all along and found it unsurprising.

Calling Wen Yunong, Mr. Wu disclosed that the jade pendant was a counterfeit. Confused, Wen Yunong insisted she had taken it from Qin Boyang’s safe. Mr. Wu, however, saw through her facade, having been informed by Song Yu’er. Inquiring about Song Yu’er’s whereabouts, Wen Yunong was promised her release if she handed over the jade pendant.

Despite her denial of having it, Mr. Wu believed Qin Kewen possessed the real pendant. Holding Wen Yunong captive, he planned to use her as leverage. Shocked, Wen Yunong suspected Mr. Wu’s collusion with Japan.

Upon Qin Kewen’s arrival, Mr. Wu released Song Yu’er, only to face Qin Kewen’s gun. Claiming not to be Wen Yunong, Song Yu’er’s revelation surprised everyone. In a bold move, Wen Yunong seized a Japanese officer, proposing to spare him in exchange for Wu’s life.

Roses & Guns Chinese Drama Review and Ending Explained

Roses & Guns Chinese Drama Review

Roses & Guns is a Chinese drama that I have to admit can make me have mixed feelings about this story. The main female character seems to steal the spotlight, which is refreshing in a way, considering the typical stereotypes seen in dramas set in the Republican era.

However, I found her character somewhat lackluster and not as empowering as I had hoped. She felt more like a sidekick than the courageous heroine I was rooting for.

While the romantic moments were decent, I didn’t quite feel the chemistry between the leads until later episodes. I still think the actress’s performance in “Maids Revenge” was her standout, even though this story was less melodramatic. The antagonist felt more believable, and I appreciated the reduction in unnecessary conflicts.

I’m eager to see the lead actress take on a more serious role in a longer drama!

As for the plot of “Spring Love,” it starts off with a gripping tragedy. The young heroine’s family is brutally murdered, setting her on a path of vengeance.

However, things take a strange turn when she joins a spy organization without much explanation, losing a precious jade pendant along the way.

The narrative focuses less on espionage and more on the romantic entanglements between the female agents and warlords. It feels disjointed and lacks coherence, with the protagonist’s espionage skills seeming to take a backseat to her romantic escapades.

The love story between the heroine and a warlord’s son feels contrived, and the plot twists become increasingly implausible. Despite the chaos, the central theme remains clear: love conquers all.

Roses & Guns Chinese Drama Cast

Main Role

Flora Dai as Wen Yu Nong

Dai Gao Zheng as Qin Ke Wen

Support Role

Xiang Xin Yu as Qin Bo Yang

Peng Yi Han as Lu Xiang Xue

Lin Ya Dong as Li Shu Yi

Tan Kuo Kuo as Mr. Wu

Li Jia Long as Lieutenant Jiang


My Verdict

Overall, “Roses & Guns” is a drama that may appeal to fans of short stories and those who enjoy dramatic romance, but it is not without its flaws. For those of you who may have doubts, it’s worth a watch. My rating for the Roses & Guns Chinese drama review is 8,2/10.

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