Love at Second Sight Chinese Drama Review and Ending Explained

Love at Second Sight is a great Chinese drama for those looking for a modern watch with low commitment and modest expectations. See the full review below!


Drama Details

Title: Love at Second Sight (二见钟情)
Episodes: 24
Release Date: January 28, 2023
Genres: Romance, Drama
Country: China
Original Network: Tencent Video
Available On: WeT

Love at Second Sight Chinese Drama Review and Ending Explained

Synopsis and Plot Summary

Once upon a time, there were two lovebirds from high school, Gu Yi Bei and Su Nan. They were inseparable until one day, a misunderstanding crept in, and they parted ways overnight.

Fast forward five years, Gu Yi Bei has climbed the corporate ladder and now heads a successful IT company. But amidst all his achievements, he can’t shake off the memories of his first love, Su Nan.

Fate intervenes and brings them face to face again, igniting Gu Yi Bei’s determination to reignite the spark they once shared. Little did he know, their breakup held deeper complexities, and Su Nan harbored secrets he never imagined.

As he delves deeper into their past, uncovering Su Nan’s hidden truths, Gu Yi Bei realizes that winning her back might be more challenging than he anticipated.

But love, as they say, conquers all, and Gu Yi Bei is ready to embark on this journey of rediscovery, armed with determination, understanding, and a heart full of love.


Love at Second Sight Chinese Drama Ending Explained

Love at Second Sight Chinese drama has a happy ending. At the end of the episode, Gu Yibei drives back home, reflecting on his mother’s words. Mrs. Gu’s advice resonates deeply: what truly matters in a relationship is how two people feel when they’re together.

It’s not about whether they can be together, but whether they truly want to. Realizing this, Gu Yibei rushes to Su Nan’s workplace, only to find she’s already left.

Undeterred, he heads to her house, but she’s not there either. With determination, he speeds to the station, only to find Su Nan has already departed.

Desperate to express his feelings, Gu Yibei calls Su Nan, pouring out his emotions accumulated over the five years since their separation. He vows to face whatever challenges come their way together, believing that as long as they’re united, they can overcome anything.

Su Nan tearfully listens, overwhelmed by guilt for hurting Gu Yibei. Even if he forgives her, she struggles to forgive herself, wishing only for his happiness.

Upon returning to the company, Gu Yibei receives news that Tianshi Group intends to acquire Weiyi Technology, offering him a prominent position.

Yaru presents Gu Yibei with a choice: to either prioritize his relationship with Su Nan or his career. Without hesitation, Gu Yibei chooses Su Nan, opting for love over professional success.

With a renewed sense of purpose, Gu Yibei embarks on a new project, though challenges abound. Exhausted, he falls asleep at his desk, only to be awakened by Su Nan’s unexpected arrival. Overjoyed to see her, Gu Yibei finds solace in her presence.

Their reconciliation is celebrated at a dance party, where Su Nan and Gu Yibei join in the festivities, dancing together happily amidst the company of friends.

Love at Second Sight Chinese Drama Review and Ending Explained

Love at Second Sight Chinese Drama Review

This modern drama stands out among its peers, especially considering the many lackluster short-length productions out there. From production values to music, it surpasses expectations for its budget.

The leads deliver solid performances, with Wang Zuyi showcasing promising talent, as seen in his previous work in The Only Girl You Haven’t Seen. While he excels in portraying happiness and vulnerability, the “Domineering CEO” persona feels somewhat forced.

The storyline, while decent, relies heavily on clichés, such as the problematic CEO behavior and the archetypal jealous ex-girlfriend. The rushed ending leaves much to be desired, lacking clarity and resolution.

Despite these flaws, the drama’s execution is commendable, with all characters, both lead and supporting, contributing effectively. However, a proper conclusion would have elevated the viewing experience.

Love at Second Sight Chinese Drama Cast

Main Role

Wang Zu Yi as Gu Yi Bei

Shao Yu Qi as Su Nan

Hou Dong as Xu Zhao Lin

Han Yu Tong as Shen Ya Ru

Support Role

Zheng Nan Xi as Hao Jia

Zhou Yu Ting as Jiang Lan

Calvin Li as Song Cen Mo


My Verdict

Overall, Love at Second Sight is a good Chinese drama for those looking for a modern watch with low commitment and modest expectations. This drama offers a decent option in a sea of mediocrity. My rating for the Love at Second Sight Chinese drama review is 8,2/10.

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