Knight of the Rose Review

Knight of the Rose is a romantic Chinese drama with the theme of the love story of a CEO and an assistant who works as a soldier. Check out the Knight of the Rose review below!


Details Drama

Title: Knight of the Rose (玫瑰骑士)
Episodes: 23
Release Date: December 30, 2022
Genres: Romance
Country: China
Original Network: Youku
Available On: Viki

Knight of the Rose Chinese Drama Review

Synopsis and Plot Summary

The storyline of the drama follows Wei Lan, a handsome boss who is cold and hardworking, and Hong Xing Xin, a conscientious and strong female soldier.

The two come from two different worlds but must unite because of the mistakes they made. Initially, the two did not get along but as time went on their matching love story began to exist.


Knight of The Rose Review

Knight of the Rose is a short 24-episode RomCom in which the female lead is the male lead’s assistant and protector to his or her bodyguard in dangerous and physical conditions.

This is my first time watching Li Huan and Qin Xiao Xuan in main/supporting roles. The acting skills of the entire cast are quite good; however, I think Qin Xiao Xuan is the best in the entire team.

At least she shows some vulnerability in some supposed scenes, but she’s also shy and clueless in others. The male lead has potential.

The female lead is funny and for the most part, she does well. Although there were a few separate situations where she was weakened by the writers so she could be “rescued” by the male lead.

But mostly he was weak and he saved her and everyone from start to finish.

I also love how he has a great code of personal responsibility for the greater good and he’s the same in the army as he was when he was just a civilian.

I think this drama is enough to relax, don’t expect more. The acting is a little above average but you could say there is still room for improvement, especially in some scenes that are supposed to be dramatic and just feel a little stiff and forced.

Knight of the Rose Review

Knight of the Rose Chinese Drama Cast

Main Role

Qin Xiao Xuan as Wei Lan

Li Huan as Hong Xing Xing

Support Role

Chen Tao as Ling Ting

Li Shu Ting as Sun Mei Xi

Long Shui Ting as Kang Fei

Liang Guo Dong as Zhou Yi Lin

Zhou Xiao Hai as [Kang Fei’s Uncle]

Liu Tan Su

Huang Lu Lu as Xiao Zhao

Bai Bing Ke as Xiao Jiang

Guan Ya Jun as Mr. Mai

Xia Nan as Miss Yang

Li Ya Ze as Feng A Di


My Verdict

Overall, this is a good drama for you to relax, I recommend it for you to watch in your free time. But don’t expect more for this one. My rating for the Knight of the Rose review is 7/10.

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