Wild Bloom Review

Wild Bloom Review. I’ve seen the modern tribute retro Chinese drama a few times, but this one has a completely different premise. So I wanted to see how the actors would handle the more difficult plots and one of them was Zhao Li Ying. See my Wild Bloom review below


Drama Details

Title: Wild Bloom ( 风吹半夏 )
Episodes: 36
Release Date: November 27, 2022
Genres: Business, Romance, Drama
Country: China
Original Network: iQiyi, JSTV, ZJTV
Available On: iQIYI

Wild Bloom Chinese drama Review

Synopsis and Plot Summary

It is set in 1991, which tells the story of Ban Xia and Xiao Chen, a scrap metal dealer with a small junkyard. The two meet by chance there and form a deep friendship after a risky but successful scrap metal collection.

Xiao Qi herself really needs money to treat her mother’s illness. But she was jailed for 5 years, for helping Ban Xia, in an argument with her cheating husband.

Intermittent in 1997, Xiao Qi was released from prison and Ban Xia has been working tirelessly to build up their scrap metal business.

Ban Xia also managed to approach the leaders of the steel industry in the city with an extensive network. The aim is to get an agreement with this manufacturer to import scarp metal from Russia.

But as Ban Xia tries to build his business bigger, he encounters many obstacles along the way. Together with Xiao Qi and other friends, they still dream of having their own steel factory.

They face scams to threats of bankruptcy to even the ups and downs of their personal lives, but have nothing to lose to achieve their dreams.


Wild Bloom Review

This is one of the best Zhao Li Ying dramas of 2022. This drama tells a story that is very interesting and makes sense. The story is very China-centric, but I found it hard to appeal to an international audience.

The Chinese feel of the 90s is also reflected in details such as cellphone models, clothing styles, and city views. Even the songs in the drama became hits from that era in China.

This is also not a romantic drama but a serious business drama and romance is just a compliment. There is also nothing dramatic about the love story of the protagonists here either.

Apart from that, it also has relationships between the characters that feel natural and believable, unlike other dramas which sometimes feel artificial.

As for the quality of her acting, all of her acting performances were really top-class – Zhao Li Ying’s performance was really in a class of its own – it felt like she was really Xu Ban Xia’s character.

He also had chemistry with Ou Hao and couldn’t imagine anyone else playing this character. Although only as a supporting role, their acting is of a high standard.

And many of them are veteran actors, so it’s easy for them to get deep into their characters and showcase their unique personalities.

Wild Bloom C-drama Review

Wild Bloom Chinese Drama Cast

Main Role

Zhao Li Ying as Xu Ban Xia

Ou Hao as Tong Xiao Qi

Huang Cheng Cheng as Chen Yu Zhou

Li Guang Jie as Zhao Lei

Support Role

Liu Wei as Wu Jian She

Ke Lan as Gao Yue Jin

Ren Zhong as Feng Yu

Feng Jia Yi as Qiu Bi Zheng

Sun Qian as Gao Xin Yi / Ye Mao

Wang Jin Song as Xu You Ren

Liu Wei Wei as Liu Mei Lan

Shi An as Old Su

Song Han Huan as Guo Qi Dong

Wang Xi as Zhou Qian

Una You as Xie Jin Bao

Hao Ping as Boss Wang

Huai Wen as Jia Chang An

Yan Shi Kui as Mr. Jia

Xue Shu Jie as Grandma Sun

Liu Shuo as Qin Fang Ping


My Verdict

Wild Bloom is a drama worth watching for a mature audience who can appreciate life’s struggles and trade-offs in the quest to find success.

But you should be patient for the first few episodes because it’s a bit slow. Initially, it can also give you a retro vibe that you might find too old-fashioned and thus boring.

Apart from that, this is also a drama worthy of your light watch. It will make you reflect on capitalism and greed. My rating for the Wild Bloom review is 7,9/10.

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