Hello Mr Gu Review and Ending Explained

Mr. Gu Review. Mr. Gu is a funny and very sweet Chinese drama, as well as a very good rom-com, in my opinion. But then it becomes a slightly lame melodrama.

It was more of a rom-com and don’t take that word seriously it’s not exactly a melodrama but it’s definitely not a rom-com. Check out my Mr. Gu review below!


Drama Details

Title: Hello Mr. Gu ( 这就是生活 )
Episodes: 30
Release Date: Mar 30, 2021
Genres: Comedy, Romance, Drama
Country: China
Original Network: Tencent Video
Available On: Viki and weTV

Hello Mr Gu Chinese Drama Review

Hello Mr. Gu Synopsis and Plot Summary

The storyline follows Nan Zhou, a CEO who runs an animation company and Qing Qing, an anime artist. The two meet because of work but start off with misunderstandings as she wrongly accuses him of plagiarism.

But behind that, it turns out that Qing Qing’s father once helped Nan Zhou’s father in his business. In his will, Nan Zhou’s father orders his son to marry and take care of Qing Qing because his family is going through hard times.

Because Qing Qing’s parents had passed away but left a lot of debt. Nan Zhou then decides to have a contract marriage with Qing Qing and he agrees.

Qing Qing thought it was in exchange for her help to pay off debtors and lighten her brother’s burden. However, over time, the two started to develop feelings for each other.

But misunderstandings soon arise due to the presence of a third person in their love and cause jealousy and rifts between the lovers. Will they be able to deal with it?


Hello Mr. Gu Review

This is a Romcom that starts with every imaginable cliché for a Chinese drama CEO. The main male character is a cold (traumatized) man, stupid, childish.

The main female characters are poor girls, contract marriages, accidental kisses, and other things.

It might take you a while to get into the drama but it’s always been easy for me and not too much of a headache.

The main female character is not as stupid and annoying as expected. At some point, I really started to like him.

As for the story and plot, there are some too obvious plot holes that you shouldn’t miss, even for me, who watches the drama for pure entertainment and keeps an eye out for it.

But that’s okay, the whole story is great, and I really liked the development of their feelings, so I guess you can ignore some of the other stuff that isn’t necessary.

For acting is very good. The main cast is amazing and way better than expected. Likewise with the supporting cast, they did very well.

For the excellent chemistry between the first couple and can’t wait for the next developments. Many things and problems between the main couple are resolved quite comfortably.

For the second couple, they only got a little screentime, I really enjoyed their storyline. It’s not that I reject “too many clichés.”

But I like that they also don’t make the second pair into the “one who chases the other” cliché.

What I don’t like here are the many gaps in the storyline, like how did Jiang Jixuan betray the company? There isn’t really any backstory or details about what exactly, and after that what happened? It was left hanging. The last episode seems a bit rushed.


Mr. Gu Ending Explained

Mr. Gu has a happy ending. The ending is Nan Zhou proposes to Qing Qing and they are a happily married couple in the last scene.

The company has also overcome all obstacles and their animation production has also received the recognition it deserves and is successful. Qing Qing is also successful because the anime comic has been chosen to be adapted into animation.

Hello Mr Gu Review

Mr. Gu Chinese Drama Cast

Main Role

Chen Jing Ke as Gu Nan Zhou

Yan Zhi Chao as Zhou Jian Qing

Support Role

Guo Yun Qi as Zhou Zi Xuan

Zhu Dan Ni as Su You Xia

Xin Rui Qi as Jiang Jing Xuan

Ding Jia Wen as Zhang Yin

Cheng Zi as Sun Jia Wen

Zhong Wei Lun as Jiang Xiao Chuan

Liu Xiao Liang as Gu Nan Zhou’s mother

Ren Jie as Su You Xia’s mother

Wang Lei as Su You Xia’s father

Wang Xin as Lu Zi Ming


My Verdict

Overall, this drama is good and better in every aspect, starting from the couple’s chemistry, plot, characters, etc. This is a drama that can be enjoyed when bored, not just watched. My Mr. Gu review skor 7,5/10

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