9 Best Korean Dramas Swap Body and Soul to Watch

Do you want to watch Korean dramas about body soul-swap/identity-switch? Here we have collected the best list for you to watch.

The K-drama about swapping souls that we recommend will include story plots that focus on changing identities and swapping bodies.

This is something that may not be real, but just imagine waking up in someone else’s body, your soul being exchanged with the opposite sex, or even ending up in an unexpected place or time.

Situations like these can range from laugh-out-loud scenarios to situations that are funny, scary, and even horrific. So that’s the K-drama about the exchange of souls and bodies that we will recommend for you below!


Korean Dramas Swap Body and Soul List


1. The Heavenly Idol

Best Korean Dramas Swap Body and Soul

The Heavenly Idol is the newest Korean drama about soul swap that you can watch on Viki. It tells the story of Pontifex Rembary, a character known for his divine powers, who was transported to a new world while fighting demons.

He then enters the body of Woo Yeon Woo, a member of an unpopular idol group, and helps change the group’s fortunes after a disastrous live performance.

With his charisma and divine powers, he becomes popular with fans but faces challenges from his past, competing against strange religious groups and demons.

It was released in 2023 with 12 episodes. This tv show stars Kim Min Gue, Go Bo Gyeol, and Lee Jang Woo.


2. Alchemy of Souls

Best Korean Dramas Swap Body and Soul

It is set in a fictional country called Daeho that is neither in history nor on maps. The storyline follows a story about the love and growth of young wizards as they overcome their twisted destiny due to a forbidden magic spell known as “soul alchemy”, which allows souls to switch bodies.

Once upon a time, an elite assassin named Naksu made a move because of urgency but his soul was accidentally trapped in Mu Deok’s weak body.

Mu Deok is Jang Uk’s servant from a powerful and noble wizarding family in the country. The young master of the Jang Family, Jang Uk, harbors a dark secret about his ignominious birth.

He wants a powerful assassin to help change his destiny and become his teacher in teaching magic and swordsmanship.

This tvN series was released in 2022 and has 2 seasons with a total of 30 episodes. You can watch one of the best Korean dramas about body and soul swap on Netflix.


3. Reborn Rich

Reborn Rich Review

Yoon Hyun Woo is a loyal, hardworking, and fiercely loyal secretary to the Soonyang Chaebol family. The family that runs the lucrative Soonyang Group business empire, was founded by Jin Yang Cheol.

After the death of Jin Yang Cheol, there was a power struggle between his sons for control of the company. Back then, Hyun Woo was cruelly betrayed and killed under the orders of an unknown chaebol family member.

But Miraculously he wakes up as a child in the body of the youngest member of the family – Jin Do Jun. He was also in the year when Jin Yang Cheol was still the leader of the Soonyang Group.

After he realizes what has happened, Yoon Hyun Wo plans to use his new “identity” to formulate a takeover of the hostile group and punish those who killed him.

This K-drama about swap bodies is available on Disney Plus. It was released in 2022 with 16 episodes.

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4. Mr. Queen

Best Korean Dramas Swap Body and Soul

Jang Bong Hwan is a South Korean chef who rises through the ranks to cook for the country’s top politicians in the presidential residence of the Blue House.

But on the way he gets into a serious accident and suddenly finds himself in the body of the young queen, Kim So Yong, while being whisked away to a distant era in Korea’s past.

Meanwhile, Queen Kim So Yong’s husband is the ruling king, King Cheol Jong, just his name. King Sunjo’s late Queen, Sun Won, has taken advantage of King Cheol Jong’s kinder nature and ruled the kingdom in his name.

And he faces competition from his older brother, Kim Jwa Geun, who also has designs on power. Queen Kim So Yong will find that her husband is keeping some secrets, and is not as gentle and gentle as he seems.

This is one of the best Korean dramas about swap body and soul. It was released in 2020 with 12 episodes and is available on Amazon Prime Video.


5. Oh My Ghost

It tells the story of Bong Sun, a shy young woman, who is possessed by the ghost of a lustful virgin. She lacks self-confidence, and because of her extreme shyness, she doesn’t have any close friends.

At the restaurant where she works as an assistant, she isn’t very good at anything and mostly just gets scolded a lot. Her grandmother was a shaman so from a young age she could occasionally see ghosts until she met a perverted ghost that left her completely possessed.

Sun Woo is a fully committed star chef with confidence in both his food and his craft. Bong Sun secretly has a crush on him, although he doesn’t pay much attention to it.

That’s for two reasons: because Sun Woo has always been surrounded by women and because he’s hanging on to an old flame. But one day, Bong Sun starts to act differently, sheds her shy personality, and ends up constantly in Sun Woo’s mind.

This body swap Kdrama was released in 2015 with 16 episodes and is available on Disney Plus.


6. The Golden Spoon

Best Korean Dramas Swap Body and Soul

Seung Cheon is a man who lives an ordinary life. Once he gets his hands on a magic spoon that allows him to switch lives with his rich best friend, he thinks it’s a no-brainer.

But life-changing decisions are always accompanied by hesitation, and with only three chances to change his mind, Seung Cheon must decide which of his two possible futures is worth holding on to.

It was released in 2022 with 16 episodes. You can watch one of the best Korean dramas about Swap Body and Soul on Hulu.


7. Room No. 9

Best Korean Dramas Swap Body and Soul

The storyline of the series follows the story of Eulji Hae Yi, a ruthless lawyer who wins all of her cases. He goes to see Jang Hwa Sa, a death row inmate who is the notorious killer behind the poison murder cases.

Inside Room No. 9 high-security women’s prison, Hae Yi and Hwa Sa’s souls change bodies. The only person who holds the key to the fate of the two women is Doctor Gi Yoo Jin, Hae Yi’s boyfriend. This K-drama with a soul swap plot was released in 2018 and has 16 episodes.


8. Please Come Back, Mister

It tells the story of Kim Young Soo, a male department store worker who dies in an accident. After reaching the afterlife, he begs for a chance to return and clear up the misunderstandings surrounding his death and comfort his newly widowed wife, Shin Da Hye.

There he meets Han Gi Tak, a woman who works as a tough chef who also has many things to deal with regarding her death and the people she left behind.

The two are given the chance to return temporarily, but as new, different people, and on the condition that they cannot reveal their true identities.

His return is complicated by the fact that Young Soo’s body is identical to the new head of the department store he used to work for, and Gi Tak is back in the body of a woman.

With only a short amount of time to do everything they need to do, these two must work against all odds to make sure their loved ones will be okay without them.

This is one of the best Korean dramas about body swap and changing identities. It was released in 2016 with 16 episodes and is available on Viki.


9. Two Cops

Cha Dong Tak is a police detective who is feared by criminals for showing no mercy. His strong sense of justice is all he has.

One day, his body is taken over by Gong Soo Chang, a con man who is quite clever. Now Cha Dong Tak must share his body with criminals while fending off serious threats. So they have to join forces to stay alive.

This soul-swapping Korean drama was released in 2017. It has 32 episodes and is available on Apple TV. This tv show stars Jo Jung Suk, Lee Hye Ri, and Kim Seon Ho.


That was the list of the best Korean dramas about body and soul swap that you can watch right now. Thank you for reading this article, have a nice day!

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