10 Dramas Similar to Reset to Watch

Are you looking for a list of dramas similar to Reset? Here we have compiled a list of the 10 best. We collected this list sourced from Quora and Reddit where most fans share their viewing experiences there.

The series that we recommend for “similar” this time is based on time loops, time travel, romance, and a little mystery or light case-solving.

We also include K-drama, Taiwanese drama, and Japanese drama to complete this recommendation. Because several dramas from outside China have storylines like Reset too. So, below are the 10 best dramas like Reset that you must watch!


Dramas Similar to Reset List


1. Shining for One Thing

Dramas Similar to Reset

Shining for One Thing is the latest romance Chinese drama like Reset that you can watch right now. It tells the story of Lin Bei Xing, a young woman about to enter her 30s.

Once she found her life suddenly turned upside down when her fiancé, Zhan Yu, whom she had loved since high school, called off their engagement to date his best friend.

Hoping to relive the memories of their love, Lin Bei Xing invites Zhan Yu to return to their high school in their old school uniforms for a day.

While waiting for Zhan Yu in the rain, he activates his old cell phone and unknowingly travels back in time.

Lin Beixing was now eighteen years old, his third year of high school to be exact. She then decides to retake the college entrance exam and forget about Zhan Yu.

However, an accidental encounter with Zhang Wan Sen after the college entrance examination became the trigger for Lin Bei Xing’s time and space travel. This drama was released in 2022 with 24 episodes and is available on iQiyi.


2. 365: Repeat the Year

Dramas Similar to Reset

This is a Korean drama that tells a story where ten people get the opportunity to go back in time one year, but mysterious, unexpected situations begin to arise when their fates change and twist in the process.

Ji Hyung Joo is a detective in the violent crimes division. He was once part of the traffic police but was promoted when he arrested a highly wanted criminal.

It had been seven years since his transformation, and he was a talented individual who always knew how to relax. Even so, he was happy at first to have the opportunity to go back a year and “reset” his life.

But when he realizes something is strange, he begins to search for the truth when a series of mysterious events befall a group of people who go back in time.

It was released in 2020 with 24 episodes. You can watch this Korean drama similar to Reset on Viki.


3. My Deepest Dream

Dramas Similar to Reset

It tells the love story between Wu Yu, a man majoring in mathematics, but working as a mechanic, and Tan Jiao is a woman who writes mystery novels for a living.

The couple met by chance when Tan Jiao needed to repair her car. However, she had the overwhelming impression that they had met before.

Only then, did she realize that a year of her life had completely disappeared from her memory. Not long after, she remembered that the key to the lost memory might be a ship voyage.

The voyage that he and Wu Yu had encountered. From then on, the pair tried to recreate the course of events from that time, which was even more difficult because Wu Yu himself had no memory of the time spent on the ship.

However, the pair have good reason to uncover the truth as it turns out this tour is the key to uncovering who killed Wu Yu’s sister.

This Chinese tv show Like Reset was released in 2022. It has 30 episodes and is available on Viki.


4. Some Day or One Day

Dramas Similar to Reset

In 2019, Huang Yu Xuan is a 27-year-old woman who desperately misses her boyfriend Wang Quan Sheng, who has been missing for two years and is presumed dead. Her birthday wish this year was “meet him”.

The year is 1998. 17-year-old Chen Yun Ru falls in love with a boy who feels nothing for her. His birthday wish this year is “to be the girl Li Zi Wei likes”.

One day, Huang Yu Xuan received a Walkman and a music cassette from an unknown person. She fell asleep listening to his songs and woke up to see Wang Quan Sheng sitting by her side.

He believes he will finally be reunited with his girlfriend, but there is a huge change. She finds out that she is no longer a 27-year-old woman but a high school student named Chen Yun Ru.

He is currently in hospital recovering from a head injury. And the man beside her bed was not her boyfriend, but a school friend named Li Zi Wei.

Trapped in the past, living someone else’s life, Chen Yun Ru’s death in 1999 would have been Huang Yu Xuan’s death if she had not known how the girl ended up in the hospital.

Meanwhile, Li Zi Wei finds himself strangely attracted to the girl who used to be Chen Yun Ru, despite the fact that he knows his closest friend, Mo Jun Jie, has a crush on her… Can true love find a way to do it?

This is one of the best Taiwanese dramas similar to Reset on Netflix. Released in 2019 with 13 episodes.


5. Kairos

Dramas Similar to Reset

Han Ae Ri is a woman who lives a dangerous life as a part-time worker at a convenience store. He is trying to support his mother who is on the waiting list for a heart transplant.

Unfortunately, her mother’s deteriorating physical condition caused her to forgo her long-awaited transplant opportunity, and her mother simply disappeared.

Things get really messy for Ae Ri when she receives a phone call from a strange man who claims to be from this world but 31 days later. Ironically, he desperately asks Ae Ri for help and continues to haunt her.

On the other hand, Seo Jin is a father and husband from a close family who has lived a successful life as the youngest person to become a director at a construction company.

One day, everything breaks down with the kidnapping of his daughter and the suicide of his wife. On the verge of collapse, he is suddenly given the opportunity to return everything he lost on one condition.

He must ask for help from a strange woman to bring his daughter and wife back to life. So he called when the clock struck 10:33 and connected to Han Ae Ri.

This Korean series like Reset was released in 2020 with 16 episodes. Available on Apple TV and Viki.


6. Love Me If You Dare

It tells the story of Bo Jinyan or Simon, a brilliant criminal psychologist who has the ability to enter the minds of even the most mysterious and cruel criminals.

He is also a professor at the University of Maryland and works as an analyst and advisor on the police department’s most violent or difficult cases.

Meanwhile, Jenny or Jian Yao is Simon’s assistant who helps with many investigations. She is the daughter of a veteran police investigator who has a deep sense of justice.

Can Jenny help Simon unlock his emotions as they work together to solve crimes? Will romance develop between the two in the process?

It was released in 2015 with 24 episodes. You can watch one of the romantic best C-dramas similar to Reset on Prime Video.


7. Alice

Dramas Similar to Reset

Set in 2050, Alice’s organization was formed as a way for humans to travel to other times and parallel worlds. However, soon the “Book of Prophecies” was discovered, which predicted the end of the travelers.

In an effort to prevent the book from falling into the wrong hands, Alice sends Yoo Min Hyuk and Yoon Tae Yi to 1992 to retrieve it from the book’s last custodian.

It was during this mission that Tae Yi realized she was pregnant with Yoo Min Hyuk’s child and decided to continue raising their child and hide from Yoo Min Hyuk by changing her name to Park Sun Young.

Park Jin Gyeom, Park Sun Young’s son, is a successful detective in 2020. His path crosses with this world’s Yoon Tae Yi, a physics professor who specializes in quantum and temporal mechanics, and who looks exactly like his mother.

Park Jin Gyeom and Yoon Tae Yi’s meeting was the beginning of their journey to rediscover the Book of Prophecies and search for answers. This K-drama was released in 2020 with 16 episodes and is available on Netflix.


8. Tomorrow With You

Dramas Similar to Reset

Yoo So Joon is a successful CEO of a real estate company who has the ability to travel through time when he rides the subway. He can go back and forth in time but suddenly sees his future self living a life full of torment and unhappiness.

To try to compensate for his poor future, he decides to marry Song Ma Rin, a cheerful photographer, even though he does not love her. Can Ma Rin help So Joon change his unhappy future?

This is one of the best romantic Korean dramas similar to Reset on Netflix. It was released in 2017 and has 16 episodes.


9. Love in a Loop

It tells the story of Bai Zhen Xiang an abusive and narcissistic boss, who is constantly dying because of the hatred of his employees. Every time he dies, time is reset back to the day of suffering.

However, this time loop caused an employee named Li Lu Duo to get caught up in it. To get out of the time loop, Lu Duo must come into contact with Zhen Xiang who drives her crazy.

Even so, she couldn’t stand the repetition and tried her best to change him, save him, until she finally fell in love with him.

This Chinese web series like Reset was released in 2022. It has 24 episodes and is available on iQiyi.


10. Todome No Kiss

Dojima Otaro is a man who works as a popular host. Due to past events, he believes that love makes people unhappy which makes him now only chase after money and power.

One day, a mysterious woman appeared in front of Dojima Otaro. The mysterious woman had a pale face with red lips. He kisses her and she dies, but the next moment she regains consciousness.

He realizes he is now 7 days in the past. The mysterious woman also followed him. Because of her kiss, Dojima Otaro died and returned to the past repeatedly.

This Japanese drama similar to Reset was released in 2018 and has 10 episodes.


That’s the list of the best dramas similar to Reset that you can watch right now. Thank you for reading this article, have a nice day!

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