Is A Business Proposal Worth Watching? K-Drama Review

Business Proposal is a light, fun, enjoyable Korean drama and is downright cool when presented at its best. Let’s see my review below

Drama Details

Title: A Business Proposal ( 사내 맞선 )
Episodes: 12
Release Date: February 28, 2022
Genres: Comedy, Romance, Drama
Country: South Korea
Original Network: Netflix, SBS
Available On: Netflix

Business Proposal Review

Synopsis and Plot Summary

The story follows Shin Ha Ri, a single woman who works for a company. She has a male friend, whom she has had a crush on for a long time, but she doesn’t approach him knowing that he has a girlfriend.

Shin Ha Ri feels sad and decides to meet her friend Jin Young Seo, who is the daughter of a chaebol family. Jin Young Seo then asked Shin Ha Ri to replace him on a blind date in exchange for some money for his time.

Shin Ha Ri accepts her friend’s offer and goes on a blind date with Jin Young Seo, hoping to be rejected by her date. When she sees her blind date, Shin Ha Ri is shocked, because her blind date is Kang Tae Mu, the CEO of the company she works for.

Kang Tae Mu became the CEO of the company because of his grandfather. One day, his grandfather told him about a blind date he was going to arrange for him. You need to know, Kang Tae Mu is a workaholic and he is annoyed that his grandfather arranged a blind date for him.

He had already committed to marrying the next woman he met on a blind date, so he wouldn’t be bothered by his grandfather again. And now that woman is Shin Ha Ri but pretends to be Jin Young Seo. The next day, Shin Ha Ri receives a call from Kang Tae Mu asking her to marry him.


Business Proposal Review

This is how you put all the cliches together without being annoying, loud, and cringe-worthy. They actually play the perfect rom-com and are so much fun to watch.

Stories are something we have seen many times (classic), relationships lead to real relationships. A rich guy falls in love with a poor girl, but some twists are much more interesting and interesting.

The main female character of the girl is in trouble, she is competent, friendly, and strong. The male lead is cold, he’s a cute and tender potato.

His father is not evil, funny, or a little childish. The two best-friend leader deals are handled in a realistic way.

While the conflicts and problems between the main partner come from different backgrounds, the second partner’s problems stem from their personality differences. Thanks to that we saw various interesting situations that made me useful.

I also noticed there were one-sided plot situations that had an impact on the characters and their behavior, but then they disappeared and were never mentioned because current plot developments don’t need them anymore. I wish we had some sort of closure or explanation for that.

The characters are quite fun to follow. the television lead who gave a good performance, I want to talk about Seo Hye Won who plays Jo Yoo Jung Young Seo’s cousin.

The girl is cute. Random English lines with cartoon subtitles on the screen are some of the best scenes. He’s very over the top but works perfectly in the context of the show and the total tone.

While I don’t have any major complaints about any of the shows, I was a little disappointed with Kim Min Gue. The character lacks expression.

I understand that he is a gentleman, stoic, and convinced by logic, but I am not completely on his way.

Again, this is a perfect romantic comedy. sometimes this is the way to go – don’t take yourself too seriously, so people can enjoy it for what it is. There’s not much I can say about the soundtrack, all the songs are good and fit for this drama.

A Business Proposal Review

A Business Proposal K-Drama Cast

Main Role

Ahn Hyo Seop as Kang Tae Moo

Kim Se Jeong as Shin Ha Ri

Kim Min Gue as Cha Sung Hoon

Seol In Ah as Jin Young Seo

Support Role

Lee Deok Hwa as Kang Da Goo

Choi Byung Chan as Shin Ha Min

Bae Woo Hee as Ko Yoo Ra

Jung Young Joo as Han Mi Mo

Kim Kwang Gyu as Shin Joong Hae

Song Won Seok as Lee Min Woo

Seo Hye Won as Jo Yoo Jung

Yoon Sang Jung as Kim Hye Ji


My Verdict

Overall, if you’re after a comedy romantic, I don’t think you’ll find a better production than the last few years.

It’s funny, it’s entertaining, it doesn’t have a problematic storyline, it doesn’t have the random murder mysteries we sometimes see in Korean rom-com. all it takes is good-looking people in love and all the horror and sweet butterflies that come with it.

Is a Business Proposal worth watching? Worthy, I would definitely recommend this for you to watch, at least once. Don’t miss this or you will regret it! A score of 8.5/10

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