When You Be Me Chinese Drama Review

When You Be Me is a good soul-exchange Chinese drama. The chemistry of the main characters here is very visible. Check out my When You Be Me review below!

Drama Details

Title:  When You Be Me ( 反转人生 )
Episodes: 26
Release Date:  May 5, 2022
Genres: Romance, Life, Youth, Supernatural
Country: China
Original Network:  Mango TV, Tencent Video
Available On: WeTV

When You Be Me Review

Synopsis and Plot Summary

Tells the story of the soul exchange experienced by an ordinary girl who experiences endless bullying from a cynical man.

Mu Xiang Xiang is an ordinary girl who accidentally swaps souls with Qiao Nan, a handsome boy who comes from a rich family. He is very strong physically and likes taekwondo.

The soul swap incident made them realize that they could easily live their lives as anyone else dreamed of!


When You Be Me Review

This drama is great if you are a fan of comedy and fun storylines. The entire cast really plays a strong role in the drama and the character development is absolutely stunning.

This is a story where the male and female leads are constantly swapping souls, keeping the story fresh. But the fact is that both family groups have problems with many difficulties.

When a female character switches to a male character’s body, she brings her family closer with a warmer approach. Instead, he brought more assertiveness and strength into his family. Both Families benefit.

In this drama, you will also see the characters’ personal challenges, how they face them, and how well they progress.

There are ups and downs, moments that won’t leave you breathless but in the end, this drama will make you smile, laugh, and make you enjoy your free time.

The chemistry between Kido Ma and Zhou Yi Ran is great (I don’t see any flaws here). As for the supporting cast, they are absolutely amazing, seeing me say many of these Male and Female endorsements like Gao Xuan Ming & Katherine Zhao were quite successful at the main character level, showing the life that Kido Ma brings to the dramas he plays. play.

When You Be Me Chinese Drama Review

The Cast of When You Be Me Chinese Drama 2022

Main Role

Kido Ma as Qiao Nan

Zhou Yi Ran as Mu Xiang Xiang

Li Chuan as Qiao Rui

Vincent Cao as Jiang Hai

Support Role

Li Ming Yuan as Yan Zhi Yang

Wang Ting as Luo Mei Sheng

Liu Jin Long as Qiao Yuan Shan

Liang Chao as Mu De Feng

Wu Ya Heng as Li Qing Hua

Liu Yuan Yuan as Xu Xiao Yu

Gao Xuan Ming as Guo Zhi

Liu An Qi as Fang Ling Li

Yu Xin He as Wang Miao


My Verdict

If you have a place for soul swap drama in your heart as I do, then I would say there’s no reason for you not to watch it. This will give you what you expect. no more, no less. This drama is worth watching, you will find a lot here. My rating for this drama is a score of 7.5/10.

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