Word of Honor Review

Word of Honor is such a popular Chinese series that it made me want to give it a try. Let’s see my review of this drama, Is Word of Honor worth watching? find the answer below

Drama Details

Title: Word of Honor ( 山河令 )
Episodes: 36
Release Date: February 22, 2021
Genres: Mystery, Wuxia, Fantasy, Political
Country: China
Original Network: Youku
Available On: Viki, Prime Video, Netflix

Word of Honor Review

Word of Honor Chinese Drama Synopsis

Zhou Zi Shu was the leader of a group of assassins who swore to serve Prince Jin. He retreated from his position after a devastating mission.

For the three years, he has left to live, he disguises himself as a drunk and homeless traveler in search of peace and freedom.

Three months later, there is a conspiracy about five pieces of “Layered Armor” that can open an arsenal of legendary weapons that shocked the martial arts world.

Zhou Zishu crosses paths with Zhang Chengling of the Mirror Lake sect and the mysterious Wen Kexing, who is actually the head of the evil Ghost Valley.

After the destruction of the Mirror Lake sect, he was tasked with bringing Chengling safely to the Five Lakes Alliance; and Wen Ke Xing invited himself.

At first Zhou Zishu tried to dodge, but couldn’t. Now they become close and find themselves embroiled in the conspiracies and infighting of the martial arts world.

Zhou Zishu learns that he cannot escape from his past, while Wen Ke Xing’s hidden past and identity reveal that the conspiracy is not what it seems.

As the two men help each other find redemption, they become critical of uncovering decades of secret crimes at work.


Word of Honor Review

Is Word of Honor worth watching? I think it’s worth it, this is one of the best Wuxia dramas I’ve ever watched. Although sometimes people think differently.

For a drama known for its low budget and with two main leads who didn’t have much fan support prior to this drama, this drama has achieved so much more than any other big-budget production.

We need to appreciate a production that doesn’t deviate from the original story (novel), that doesn’t add random female characters, and that focuses on telling stories with good intentions and points of view.

The story adapted to television flows quickly and at an even tempo, and the actors bring life and blood to their characters (main characters and side characters).

The chemistry between the main characters is evident in every scene, as they play back and forth with their words, stares, and body language. All the actors here play their roles well and that’s great.

Overall, the scriptwriter deserves the most praise. His love for and understanding of the Wuxia genre and the original texts really shows how his knowledge of Chinese literary culture and history brings more arts to lay entertainment like tv dramas.

This production has told us that you don’t need a big budget, main cast with rabid fans, all you need is good acting, good direction, and a good script to capture the audience’s heart.

word of Honor cdrama Review

Word of Honor Cast and Actors

Main Role

Zhang Zhe Han as Zhou Zi Shu

Gong Jun as Wen Ke Xing

Zhou Ye as Gu Xiang

Asher Ma as Cao Wei Ning

Sun Xi Lun as Zhang Cheng Ling

Support Role

Huang You Ming as Ye Bai Yi

Wang Ruo Lin as Zhao Jing

Li Dai Kun as Scorpion King

Rebecca Jin as Gao Xiao Lian

Ke Nai Yu as Liu Qian Qiao

Chen Zi Han as Xi Sang Gui

Guo Jia Hao as Shen Shen


My Verdict

I must appreciate the courage to produce this work of art. Overall, I enjoyed this drama. Visually, like CQL (“The Untamed”), this drama is beautiful. There’s a lot of action, and at the same time, the drama spends a lot of time exploring the inner feelings of the characters. A score of 8.0/10

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