Is Love Between Fairy and Devil Worth Watching? CDrama Review

If there is a Xianxia drama that you must watch, Love Between Fairy and Devil undoubtedly gets it. It has a very good storyline, acting, and visuals. Check out the full Love Between Fairy and Devil review below


Details Drama

Title: Love Between Fairy and Devil (苍兰诀)
Episodes: 36
Release Date: Augustus 7, 2022
Genres: Comedy, Romance, Wuxia, Fantasy
Country: China
Original Network: iQiyi
Available On: Netflix

Love Between Fairy and Devil Review

Synopsis and Plot Summary

Love Between Fairy and Devil tells the story of a legend 30,000 years ago, Qing Cang of the Moon tribe wished to acquire an ancient forbidden skill and became a heartless monster in the process.

He then killed his own father and embarked on a path of destruction that threatens the existence and peace of the 3 realms, namely – Shuiyuntian (eternal fairy), Cangyan Sea (Moon tribe), and Yunmeng Lake (mortal world).

Back then, Shuiyuntian’s Chi Di Lady sacrificed herself to seal Qing Cang’s 100,000 armies in battle. Qing Cang was then defeated but his primordial spirit remained and was sealed in the Haotian Shuiyuntian Tower.

Legend also says that she revived sometime in the future and only Goddess Xishan can prevent another disaster but she is nowhere to be found after the battle.

30,000 years have passed and now there are signs that Qing Cang broke the matrix seal to attempt to escape. Chang Heng, the current Shuiyuntian God of War was later ordered to help repair the seal.

But the lowly plant fairy, Orchid, who had a crush on Chang Heng was afraid that she would perish in the process. He decides to tag along to prevent his death but instead makes him fall into the matrix and meet Qing Cang.

The chain reaction also caused the Xilan Qing Cang Sacred Seal to be triggered and as a result, he could feel the same emotions that Orchid experienced. What was worse was that if he died, he would die too.

Thus, he was forced to protect her while looking for a way to lift the curse and escape. As he spends more time with Orchid, he begins to develop feelings for her and falls in love.


Love Between Fairy and Devil Ending Explained

The Love Between Fairy And Devil has a happy ending. At the end of the episode, Orchid is expected to sacrifice himself to kill the Evil God Tai Sui.

When Qing Cang finds out, he instead changes his fate by taking on the task before he can do it and then asks Orchid to kill him so that the Evil God Tai Sui can be destroyed with him.

Orchid did it with a heavy heart, but as Qing Cang faded away, he left her a moon-shaped token. Over the years, the token has been seen to have slowly gathered some vibrancy.

All became peaceful after the Moon tribe and Shuiyuntian teamed up to kill the Evil God Tai Sui. They also bury their hatred deep inside.

Chang Heng was now a traveling immortal and gave up his duties as the God of War. Fairy Dan Yin was about to join the army because she had always looked up to Chi Di Lady as her mentor.

He also aims to become the next God of War. She now also accepted that Chang Heng would never be her lover and started to see her as a good friend.

Meanwhile, Xun Feng is ready to become a good leader of the Moon tribe without Qing Cang and Shang Que helping him. He had also reconciled with Jie Li who spent his time educating the orphans in the Cangyan Sea.

Time passed and 500 years later, Qing Cang reappeared because his spirit had accumulated in the moon token. He then quickly reunited with Orchid for a happy ending.

Love Between Fairy and Devil Review

Love Between Fairy and Devil is a xianxia drama that tells about the forbidden love between a devil and a fairy. This drama has everything that Xianxia and Wuxia dramas have with a good storyline.

But what makes this drama stand out from other xianxia dramas is that it has excellent visuals, graphics, and cinematography.

Love Between Fairy and Devil managed to bring a fairy element to their drama, and I think this drama has set the bar high for xianxia dramas to come.

The narrative of love between a fairy and a demon is very straightforward, about a fairy who accidentally saves the demon king and they slowly fall in love.

Here, the screenwriter managed to write a very unified and captivating story, accompanied by a coherent storyline so that it is easy for the audience to understand. This drama also manages to seamlessly combine comedy, romance, and anxiety at the end.

Each character in the drama also has a background story with their own motives. Each character exists not only to complement the male and female leads but just to make the plot of the drama more lively.

But each character exists to make their own decisions which eventually gradually lead and build into the overall plot of the drama.

This drama also manages to articulate the vision of a fantasy world and everything that goes with it. Beautifully described and mesmerizing that you will believe that such a world exists.

But behind that, maybe this drama spends most of its budget on its art department, starting from costumes, CGI, graphics, and so on.

I also love how the play carefully gives each tribe and region a certain personality and design.

For example, in the fairy realm, the gods wear bright, bright clothes and headdresses with excessive lighting. The fairy realm has very strong Chinese cultural elements, while the demon/moon realm has a bit of medieval elements in its locations, clothing and more.

The drama team also pays attention to the child actors/extras such as the guards, their clothes are not arbitrary, in accordance with the overall persona they have composed. It seems that the guards of the moon palace have dark and bulky clothes that look complicated!

For the main character, Yu Shuxin plays Xiao Lan Hua (orchid fairy), but she is also Xi Yun, the goddess. I think she did a very good job as Xiao Lan Hua.

A character like Xiao Lan Hua can be easily despised because she may seem too fake or too flamboyant, but Esther Yu manages to pull off the character with ease.

She is able to radiate different energies in different situations but keeps the essence of her character in mind, a warm and cheerful fairy.

Whereas Wang Hedi shows his acting is much more natural, he is able to show real expressions and blend with his character.

Despite being the emotionless moon lord, she was still able to show some emotion and showed how the sea of ice in her heart was slowly melting.

I think he did a great job of portraying the emotionless moon god, DongFang QingCang, through his body language and eyes, he is very kind when he is majestic and when he attacks others.

As she also slowly transitions into someone who has emotions, she gradually makes more micro-expressions and gestures to show how she gradually begins to fall in love, have empathy, and more.

Her crying scenes are also very contagious, you will empathize with her and feel what she feels too because her crying scenes are so good.

And as for all the supporting cast, they did a great job, the acting was good and their character development was pretty good too, so I won’t comment on that.

One thing that I feel less and less is the ending is too rushed. The ending was honestly good but I wanted to see more of DongFang QingCang and Xiao Lanhua’s happy life.

Love Between Fairy and Devil Chinese drama Cast

Love Between Fairy and Devil Cast

Main Role

Esther Yu Shu Xin as Orchid / Xiao Lan Hua

Dylan Wang as Dongfang Qing Cang / Da Qiang

Zhang Ling He as Chang Heng

Xu Hai Qiao as Rong Hao

Support Role

Cristy Guo Xiao Ting as Chi Di Lady

Charles Lin Bai Rui as Shang Que

Chi Jia as Lord Yun Zhong

Li Yi Tong as Arbiter / Si Ming

Hong Xiao as Jie Li

Wang Yue Yi as Fairy Dan Yin

Zhang Chen Xiao as Dongfang Xun Feng

Cheng Zi as Die Yi

Chi Jia as Lord Yun Zhong

Peng Bo as Li Yuan


My Verdict

Is Love Between a Fairy and a Devil Worth Watching? Well worth it, this is truly the best Xianxia drama and there’s never a dull moment in it.

All in all, this C-drama is sure to entice you and leave you breathless. The drama is also ‘only’ 36 episodes long, which is quite short for a well-produced Xianxia romance, but so thorough in all aspects that you’ll be longing for more. My rating for the Love Between a Fairy and a Devil review is 9/10.

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