Being a Hero Chinese Drama Review

I watched this a while ago, there is no reason why I started it except to see Wang Yibo and Chen Xiao as the main characters. This drama surprised me, it was refreshing to see the police getting involved with drug circles, at least from what I’ve watched before. Let’s see my review of the Chinese drama Being a Hero below

Drama Details

Title: Being a Hero ( 冰雨火 )
Episodes: 32
Release Date: August 11, 2022
Genres: Mystery, Crime, Drama
Country: China
Original Network: Youku
Available On: Viki

Synopsis and Plot Summary

The storyline follows Wu Zhen Feng who is on a quest for revenge after three years ago Wu Gang (his father) was killed by a drug trafficking organization led by “K”.

On his way, Wu Zhen Feng accidentally joins a police undercover operation and causes his best friend Chen Yu to be demoted from the narcotics unit.

Then, he took matters into his own hands, taking the bus to the border while Chen Yu chased after him relentlessly.

Due to an incident, Wu Zhen Feng was rescued and taken away by a militant drug dealer and since then there has been no news of him.

Three years later, Chen Yu rejoins the narcotics unit to handle a case believed to be related to Wu Zhen Feng. When the two finally meet again, Wu Zhen Feng has become a murder suspect nicknamed “Brother Feng”.

Chen Yu who is in disbelief sets out to find out the truth behind all the conspiracies and clears Wu Zhen Feng’s name. But he quickly discovered that Wu Zhen Feng’s return had another purpose.


Being a Hero Review

I watched this series because it was one of Wang Yibo dramas. One of the actors I like and want to see how he handles a difficult genre like this.

This is a very serious professional drama that manages to show how the police in the anti-drug department really work and how the life of drug dealers is.

The production quality is good, the filters give the drama a film-like look, there is no skin smoothing and no unprofessional mistakes to make everything look real and nothing is too light or too dark.

All characters, main cast, and supporting roles have their own goals and stories. and what I like most is how they are not displayed in true or false black or white perspective.

They are shown as complex humans who make mistakes and have their own reasons (even drug dealers) which is a plus of this drama. The characters I like the most are Wu Zhen Feng and Chen Yu.

Acting: Here, I’m not going to talk about the old actors because they’re already perfect, they know what they’re doing. But for the main cast, I would say they have done an amazing job.

Wang Yibo fits the role of the young Chen Yu very well, also with his fierce and ambitious aura which he plays very well, especially against the older actors in the industry.

The same goes for Chen Xiao he describes Wu Zhen Feng perfectly. Also, there are some golden supporting roles played by excellent actors making the viewing experience so smooth.

The story and timing are just right. I never felt any scene was unnecessary. In my opinion, this series has a strong plot. We can’t guess the plot. It is also neatly done and always connected to the main plot.

However, most of the episodes may seem slow but not boring to me at all. Conversations between characters are interesting and add to the story.

I personally also like the complex politics between the different factions (police, rival drug gangs, etc) and how the characters interact within them.

The Cast of Being a Hero Chinese Drama

Main Role

Chen Xiao as Wu Zhen Feng

Wang Yi Bo as Chen Yu

Support Role

Wang Jin Song as Lin De Zan

Liu Yi Jun as Yang Xing Quan

Zhao Zhao Yi as Lan An Ran

Zhang Zhi Jian as Chen Li Wen

Feng Jia Yi as Wan He Da

Zhang Yu Qi as Jiang Lei

Cristy Guo as Yang Ling

Tu Bing as Wan Meng Meng


My Verdict

I like this drama because of its less black-and-white direction in the war on drugs in modern society. The characters are also interesting and how they all contribute to an overarching plot that never slows down is a plus.

Would I recommend it? Yes! Why not? especially if you want to try dramas about drug eradication and murder mysteries. The sudden ending made my rating for this drama score 7.5/10.

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