Top 10 Best Mai Warit Sirisantana Dramas List

If you are looking for a list of the best dramas played by Mai Warit Sirisantana, here we have compiled a list.

Warit Sirisantana (Nickname: Mai) is an actor and model from Thailand. He made his acting debut in a drama titled Mae Pia Due in 2013. Here’s a list of Warit Sirisantana’s best tv shows below


The Best Mai Warit Sirisantana Dramas List


1. Spirits of the Mekong River

Mai Warit Sirisantana drama

Dr. Akkanee and his crew travel to an ancient village to study the paranormal and prove it to be untrue.

There, Akkanee meets and falls in love with a girl named Buapun and wants to know about her. But now Buapun has been possessed by an evil spirit under the Mekong River.

Residents believe it is the spirit of a vengeful princess waiting for her fiancé, Dr. A reincarnated Akkanee.

In the past, the Princess was angry and cursed Akkanee for asking her to marry him but betrayed her and chose her younger sister instead.

He vowed to get revenge next time. The hatred she has towards the two causes her to lose her beauty and become an evil spirit that plagues the village. This is the latest series starring Warit Sirisantana. Released in 2022 with 15 episodes.


2. Husband in Disguise

Mai Warit Sirisantana dramas

Sattawat is a doctor who enters into a fake marriage with Anssaniya just to pay off his debts. But she really fell in love with him.

For Anssaniya this marriage was done because she wanted to end the impossible relationship between herself and her uncle-in-law. The beginning of their marriage was ordinary and felt very simple.

But behind that, no one knows that Sattawat loves Anussaniya very much and it is very difficult to hold back these feelings.

This drama stars Kwan Usamanee Vaithayanon and Mai Warit Sirisantana in the main roles. This is also the latest contract marriage Thai drama released in 2022 with 24 episodes.


3. Nuay Lub Salub Love

Mai Warit Sirisantana dramas

It tells the story of Inspector Chanathip who has to go undercover as the manager of the superstar Nubdao to investigate a gang of drug dealers. Chanathip also has to pretend to be gay and look after the dirty and lazy Nubdao.

At first, they always fought because he didn’t like her, but eventually, they started to fall in love with each other and that was just the beginning of their relationship chaos. This tv show was released in 2019 with 11 episodes.


4. Mia Archeep

best Mai Warit Sirisantana dramas list

Tells about the business of The Plan that turns women into the perfect woman for a man, which is managed by Mr. Robert.

He referred to these women as his “Ideal Wives”, one of whom was Chollada who was considered a great product of the company.

Mr. Robert started meeting with Kasidit and thought they would get along. Kasidit only sees this as a game but immediately falls in love with it.

This is one of the best dramas starring Mai Warit Sirisantana. it was released in 2020 with 19 episodes.


5. Petch Klang Fai

Mai Warit Sirisantana dramas list

The Phet Klang Fai series is historical fiction set during the reign of the Six Rama era, composed by New Vinichaikul.

Tells the story of Urawase, a princess whose father ended the persecution of fate. His stepmother and sisters made him very unhappy at court.

On the other hand, the Hero named Anon is a young civil servant, the second son of the commander of the Yarachabari league.

He was the one who often conveyed his opinion to the princess and often accompanied her. This Warit Sirisantana series was released in 2019 with 14 episodes.


6. It Happens on Valentine’s Day

Mai Warit Sirisantana dramas list

It tells about two love stories of two women that happened on Valentine’s Day. Muenprae has an affair with Tan, the boyfriend he is about to marry, and ends up having an affair with his boss who is already married, Wiwat.

On Valentine’s Day, the two decide to celebrate their own love. However, Tan and Yuwadee, Wiwat’s wife, find out about it and find out the truth.

On the other hand, Kim’s life is surrounded by three men. Aek; is a cheating girlfriend, Sira; a man who wants her to be his official lover, and Tan; a man who doesn’t want to be serious with her.

Despite these three men, she has to spend Valentine’s Day in solitude. The drama starring Mai Warit Sirisantana will be released in 2022 in 9 episodes.


7. Kaew Klang Dong

Songpao is a wealthy man who loves the wilderness and the outdoors and is good friends with Mewadee’s father, who lives in a small village deep in the forest.

One day, Songpao went to the jungle to camp with Mewadee’s father. But there Mewadee’s father was killed by a tiger. Before he died, he asked Songpao to take his daughter to the city and take care of her.

However, things don’t go according to plan because Songpao has a friend named Wan, who has a crush on him. He also always annoys Mewadee behind his back, and it gets worse when Songpao falls in love with Mewadee.

This is one of the Thai dramas with a possessive male lead. it was released in 2019 with 14 episodes.


8. Wife on Duty

Best Mai Warit Sirisantana dramas list

Wife on Duty tells the story of Tawan, an orphan girl who lives with her uncle and aunt. There Tawan worked as a maid. Yhod, his uncle once promised his friend Trong to arrange their children Yadfa and Tomorn.

But Yadfa refused him, thinking that Tomorn, Trong’s son, was a countryman and poor. He also thought they were making no money and would only spend Yuanjai’s money.

That later led to her uncle marrying Tomor. But at Tomorn’s house, he is always harassed by Sawai, his mother, Gingkaew, his nanny, and Sopit, his friend who has a crush on him.

One of the best dramas starring Mai Warit Sirisantana was released in 2021 with 15 episodes.


9. Rak Rai

Mai Warit Sirisantana dramas list

Tells about Win and Lek who are good friends. Lek is in love with Win but Win is dating Lek’s older sister.

When Lek went to study abroad, he promised that Win would be the first to see his degree when he returned. While Lek is away, tragedy strikes Win and his parents pass away.

All of this happened without Lek’s knowledge, so when Lek returned to look for Win, he only heard that the entire Wongsurakarn family had died.

But Win is actually still alive and has been living in hiding somewhere for three years. All he wants is revenge for the wrong done to him and his family. A mistake triggered by Lek’s own family.

The series, played by Warit Sirisantana, was released in 2017 with 40 episodes.


10. Look Tard

Tells of Kaew was a Thai slave in the late 1800s under King Chulalongkorn during the Chakri dynasty.

He grew up at a time when slavery was about to end in Thailand. He basically inherited the disposition to be a slave, but society changed, and new laws were enacted and allowed Kaew to retire from slavery at the age of 21.

However, his master named Phraya Chaiyakorn refuses to let him go. He must now fight for the freedom and love he has for Namtip. The drama starring Mai Warit Sirisantana was released in 2014 with 13 episodes.


That’s the list of the best dramas starring Mai Warit Sirisantana. You can watch it on various platforms, even on Youtube, there is also one available. Thanks for reading this article, have a nice day!

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