7 Dramas Similar to Fireworks of My Heart to Watch

The Chinese drama Fireworks of My Heart attracted many viewers thanks to its concept of saving people and sweet romance. So Now many people want to find dramas similar to Fireworks of My Heart to watch.

Here we have collected them with several male lead professions, from firefighters to soldiers. Both have mature leadership and fight for the country.

In their process of overcoming challenges, romance will come naturally. Although the female leads have different professions and roles in the story, they both have similar attributes and backgrounds.

So for that, below is a list of the best dramas like Fireworks of My Heart that you can watch right now.


Dramas Similar to Fireworks of My Heart List


1. A Date With the Future

Dramas Similar to Fireworks of My Heart

A Date With the Future is the latest Chinese drama like Fireworks of My Heart on Viki. It tells the story of Xu Lai, a beautiful girl who, when she was still in high school, was saved by Jin Shi Chuan firefighters from a deadly earthquake.

When Jin Shi Chuan rescues her from the ruins, Xu Lai falls in love with him and when they part ways, he decides to look for her at all costs.

10 years later, Jin Shi Chuan was promoted to captain. Meanwhile, Xu Lai has become a news reporter. When a major accident occurs on the highway, Jin Shi Chuan saves her again.

Although he recognized her immediately, he didn’t do the like and thought she was just a troublemaking reporter. Worse still, Xu Lai’s report was taken out of context and led to many social media posters criticizing the fire department.

Xu Lai then decided to fix it and win Jin Shi Chuan’s heart at all costs. He even became a trainer of fire dogs that can assist rescuers in their efforts.

This brought him closer to Jin Shi Chuan. But he carries deep scars from past wounds. Can Xu Lai’s love help heal Jin Shi Chuan’s pain?

The series was released in 2023 with 36 episodes. This tv show stars William Chan and Zhang Rou Nan.


2. You Are My Hero

Dramas Similar to Fireworks of My Heart

Mi Ka is a woman who has just graduated to become a doctor. One time he was at a jewelry store to buy a gift for his parents but suddenly a robbery occurred.

A special SWAT team is then deployed to control the situation and Mi Ka meets Special Forces Captain Xing Ke Lei when he helps defuse the explosive situation. However, because Xing Ke Lei was wearing a full combat uniform and his face was masked, he did not know what he looked like.

Several years later, while completing her qualifications to become a full-fledged medical surgeon, Mi Ka decides to participate in a joint emergency rescue exercise between her hospital and the SWAT team.

There he unknowingly met Captain Xing Ke Lei again. A relationship between them then begins and eventually develops as they get to know more about each other.

This Chinese military drama was released in 2021 with 40 episodes. You can watch one of the best Chinese dramas similar to Fireworks of My Heart on Viki. This TV show stars Ma Si Chun and Bai Jing Ting.


3. Meet Yourself

Dramas Similar to Fireworks of My Heart

It tells the story of Xu Hong Dou, a woman who has worked in the hotel industry for most of her adult life. She is a big-city woman, but her life suddenly hits a snag.

When his best friend died, it threw his life into chaos. His work also began to suffer and in the end, Xu Hong Dou decided to take a break from his busy urban lifestyle in a remote village.

He went to Yun Miao village, near Dali, in Yunnan Province in search of peace and quiet. He soon realizes that life in the farming village is not as idyllic as he imagined but he soon finds some kind of balance.

There he also met a group of people living in the big city who had also decided to leave the big city in search of a quieter way of life.

One of these people is called Xie Zhi Yao, a man who has quit his high-paying job to start a tourism business featuring Yun Miao. Xu Hong Dou soon realized that she could put her hospitality industry knowledge to good use by helping him.

This tv show like Fireworks of My Heart was released in 2023 with 40 episodes and is available on Viki.

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4. Hi Venus

The storyline of this series follows the story of Ye Shi Lan, a beautiful woman who works as a pediatrician at the Taoyuan Village Clinic. He only has his patients’ best interests in mind and what’s best for the children in his care.

Once a new hospital director Lu Zhao Xi was appointed but Ye Shi Lan didn’t like him. It was due to a pretty big misunderstanding on his part and started their working relationship on the wrong foot.

However after Ye Shi Lan was appointed to the position of temporary assistant, it didn’t take long for him to realize that he was very wrong about Lu Zhao Xi.

The two then work closely together to solve a number of problems and begin to develop a mutual understanding and respect for each other for romance.

This is one of the best romance Chinese dramas similar to Fireworks of My Heart. It was released in 2022 with 24 episodes and you can watch it on Viki. This tv show stars Liang Jie and Joseph Zeng.

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5. Here We Meet Again

Dramas Similar to Fireworks of My Heart

Xiang Yuan is a woman who has worked the longest in the Donghe group. He was assigned to save their Xi’an branch from bankruptcy. In the process, he meets his former lover, Xu Yan Shi once again.

In his school days, Xiang Yuan pursued Xu Yan Shi with all his might but was unsuccessful. Reunited as an adult, he tries to save the company when he gets stuck in the mud due to problems at work.

Despite facing gaps, he is determined to pursue his dream of becoming a navigation engineer. In the process of dealing with the company’s crisis, Xiang Yuan gradually learned to take matters into his own hands. The two come to support each other as they fulfill their dreams and start a romance

This tv series like Fireworks of My Heart was released in 2023. It has 32 episodes and is available on Viki.

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6. Road Home

It tells the story of Gui Xiao and Lu Yan Chen who met on the middle school playground. They fell in love with each other at first sight.

As they grew older, their feelings for each other grew stronger. They become inseparable and hope to spend the rest of their lives together.

But life has other plans for them when Gui Xiao’s family circumstances change. And Lu Yan Chen ends up undergoing training as a special police officer that takes him to a very different part of the country.

Gui Xiao, meanwhile, ends up on a career path that will take him into the world of finance. Despite the fact that they now live in different worlds, their love is still strong and they try to maintain a long-distance relationship.

But this died down until years later, Gui Xiao found himself with a special reason to call Lu Yan Chen once again.

it was released in 2023 with 30 episodes. You can watch this one of the best romantic Chinese dramas similar to Fireworks of My Heart on iQiyi.


7. The Flaming Heart

The plot follows the story of Huo Yan, a man who, after graduating from the Civil Defense Academy, becomes the deputy captain of the Fire Rescue Team.

One day he met Yan Lan, a doctor who worked in the Emergency Department during an emergency incident. But their meeting starts off on the wrong foot, marred by misunderstandings.

Huo Yan was always cool and level-headed, holding firm in all situations. However, the appearance of “sunshine” Yan Lan became the only element of uncertainty in his life.

This Cdrama similar to Fireworks of My Heart was released in 2021. It has 24 episodes and is available on Prime Video.


That’s a list of the best tv shows and dramas similar to Fireworks of My Heart that you can watch right now. Thank you for reading this article, Have a nice day!

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